Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The stuff dreams are made of

in the last decade or so every dream Ive had that is memorable to, uh, remember, has, with a few exceptions, involved a car/truck and incredible frustration with it. It either gets stolen, moved, trashed, hashed, or taken away from me.  Sometimes when I go back the street isnt even there.  This time I was drummed out of the library where I volunteer in a kind of one-librarian tribunal,  and told never to speak or communicate with anyone on the staff ever again. Then I was conducted to my car, informed that it had been impounded, the keys were taken, and the head librarian left me in the middle of a place that was definitely city, definitely not Concord, with a locked car and no way to get home.  Waking up was my only alternative, so I did.

Librarians are tough, i'll tell ya.


  1. A couple nights ago,I dreamed that Marilyn burned my cabin to the ground. I'm still a litte miffed, even though it was only a dream. I hate it when I'm sick and I have the same dream over and over. It is usually a dream of trying to fix something, something impossible.

  2. ive never had a recurring dream, but I've DREAMT that I had(wish fulfillment maybe) and even remember the dream I dreamt I had even though I only dreamed it...err...never mind

    Just don't take it out on Marilyn, Im sure she was as startled as you were.

    Maybe the recurring dream is because your own frustration levels are so high, since most time when we get sick there isn't much we can do on our own to fix it.

  3. Oh, baby! Don't get me started on dreams. I'm into that shit.

    You should readup on vehicles in dreams. They're invariably symbolic of your bodily health. Losing/ misplacing them denotes uncertainty & fear of aging, if I remember right.

    And recurring dreams? Ron.'s got 'em. I've been having "The Rugsucker Dreams" since I stopped cleaning carpets for Sears back in the mid '80s. Not really the same dream every time, but the same/similar scenario revolving around the job, which was nostly a negative in a hard time in my life. No idea why a job that I wasn't in love with should afford me so many weird nights' entertainment. One interesting feature to every good Rugsucker Dream: invariably the van in which I went from home to home, sucking filth off carpets for money, invariably has some mechanical problem. Go figure.

    Oy don't get me started.

  4. you know, you could be right, although 'uncertainty"...im not so sure what Im uncertain about

    and when I do lose them, or they disappear, it's always in a place I'm not familiar with.

    but thank you for bringing up the fear of aging. REALLY.

    at a guess, I'd say that mechanical problem in the van sounds like the obvious reluctance to actually do the work...doesnt sound like something to build a career on, nope