Monday, March 7, 2011

Passwords are taking over the world, arrrgghhh

Companies LOVE passwords. This morning I realized that my electric company was still sending me notifications using our old email. uh-oh.  So I clawed my way into their website, cheerily registered, only to discover that I had done so weeks ago.  No idea what the password was.

In order to have them give it back to me (mine, I say,  mine!)I had to submit a form and then they promised to email me the seekrit word. what I got was a page with a cryptic box-that-would-not-open. click click click click.  Aha. Down at the bottom, a tab. (all those years of playing computer games just paid off) Click on the new tab, a new window opens." In order to access your password, you must register here.with a valid email address, street address, and password which must be 8 characters and contain a number."

Now I have a "secure password recovery site" where I can go securely and safely to retrieve my password anytime I need it. click on another tab and lo and behold there's my old password. Log BACK in to the site and THEN change my email address.  It only took half an hour, but I am now part of the power company happy family once again.

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