Friday, March 4, 2011

hark to the voice

There is an upper register, just-this-side-of-hysterical that is (at least to me) considered the voice of the true fanatic. Fast, loud, high.  They don't use commas, and they wave their hands a lot--slash, slash, punctuate. 

It's the voice of extremism, of causes (lost and otherwise), of people who make dogmatic statements and hold opinions that have hardened into truths.  Tonight I was in one room and my husband was in his, watching some news interview on the computer.  The voice of the woman being interviewed went on and on,  high pitched, didactic and militant.  an Avon Lady on speed.  I kept thinking, Im waiting for it to be an old Rosanne Rosannadana clip...
and when I went in to ask my husband who that WAS, he looked mildly shocked and said, why, that's Sarah Palin.

Ne-ver mind...


  1. Sarah does have a bit of an annoying voice, one that I wouldn't enjoy hearing for 4-8 years.

  2. Most of what she says is rhetoric, the kind that sounds really good, really patriotic, until you start hearing what she's saying, and it turns out to be polictical hysterics, no meat, just feathers.

    Very very strident feathers.

    I remember years ago when the Bush War was just beginning, seeing a pickup truck that was painted like the flag--it's got the right shape, and it had the stars, stripes, everything. The only thing scarier was the extremely large cranky lady inside, with a face that said, plainly, "do not touch this American truck". no, ma'am.

    I think of her when I hear about the Tea Party and Sarah.