Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of spring

the robins seem to have arrived by tour bus. this morning there were half a dozen in the field,  by late afternoon there were at least 50-60, not to mention crows, chickadees, and the occasional pileated woodpecker. 
A very young (late summer) doe was at the garden, chowing down on my century plants, which tend to stay green all winter and as soon as warm weather comes they turn brown and fall over. so at least she was getting some greens to go with the icky frozen/thawed applesauce under the trees...

Still cold, but most of the snow is gone from the fields. I actually got all the way out to the little shed without touching snow. wow. it will be a few weeks yet before the frost goes out of the ground and I can get the door open, though.  One corner of the door rock rises up each year just enough, and we have to wait it out.

yes, yes, I know. raise the shed. lower the rock. something.


  1. I'm planting radishes, onions and beets today, it was 80 yesterday and supposed to be 81 today. Spring is finally here. I could have planted a week ago if the ground hadn't been so wet. Yaweeeeeeee.

  2. Where do you live, with warmth like that?

  3. isnt he annoying, anon. lol. We still have snow in the fields, and the ground is like half frozen sherbet. It will be May before we can even get close to digging a hole for anything but a duck pond...