Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Meditation

All day we face the sun,
winter blooming lilies grateful
for any thin light
while clouds overflow
with snow, covering the moon,
dimming the sun.

Life slows
to the rhythm of a hibernating heart
as the long night begins,
with that terrible sleep
and winter reverie
of darkness and cold yet to come.

We burrow into ourselves
and one another like puppies
blindly scenting warmth and comfort,
waking only to turn
in our cocoon of blankets and sleep.

Balanced on a point of time
while snow falls steadily around us
we begin the journey
across that far bridge
from longest night to longest day.


  1. So. Verse, again, eh? And damned fine verse at that. Winter blooming lilies, I guess. Yay!

  2. and thank you both. SOMEONE was fussing because he got weary of looking at the dog and butterfly, and since my only other option at this stage is daily temperature and snowfall reports...

    (I was rather fond of the dog and butterfly. sulk)

  3. Such a treat to be able to read your poetry again. I empathize greatly with the "hibernating heart". Just a little sad but mostly peacefully biding. I wonder if people who live in eternal summer (eg. Florida) ever get to "rest"?

  4. thanks, cheryl.
    I think of it as truly a meditation on all that snow, and comforting in a strange way. And we do hibernate, don't we. I get sleepy earlier, and sleep harder and have to restrain myself from stocking up on fat layers like a big ol' black bear. But I want to.

    I sorta feel sorry for people who live in eternally not-cold places, where the seasons dont change much. i mean, how do they know which season they're in? And why do they even need to bother with Daylight savings time?