Monday, February 14, 2011

 When I start ignoring the chill seeping in around my ankles, and forgetting to check the stoves when I go downstairs, that tells me, that as far as this hibernating little bear is concerned, winter is over.  Oh, yeah, I know, we got lots more, but the psychological part is done with,  and I no longer have that push to get the wood--burn the wood--tinker tinker that I had all winter.
Burn or go out, damn you.


  1. It felt really good today to not wear a coat, or have a fire at the cabin, just sit on the porch and was one with nature. Winter is not over but this is really a nice break after sub zero temps.

  2. Ive got it pared down to coat, no hat, and rubber boots. But as folks around here are fond of saying, no matter WHAT it is, "Can't last. Don't get used to it."

    Kinda takes the fun out of a good day.

    The icicles and snow lumps on the roof have been crashing down all morning, I keep hoping that's all that comes crashing down. You never know; shingles, bits of chimney, siding...

  3. All the snow had melted off the cabin roof except for a big piece by the metal flue. When I started a fire yesterday it melted the big chunk of ice enough that it slid off, it was very loud when it slid down the roof... really scared me. A lot of buildings in this area have caved in from the weight of the snow.

  4. They keep a running commentary in the local paper about houses--and stores--that have collapsed because of the snow...not surprisingly they all are either flat roofs or gently sloped, with 2x4s for support. They just cant handle the weight of two or three feet of snow.
    The guy who invented roofrakes has probably relocated to the West Indies on the profits...