Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hi, Im Denny

I love what our local  shelter does to downplay 'difficult' dogs like this.  And for the past week have been thinking about what "leave it" actually entails: hands, feet, dead skunks, small reason I never go to shelters is the real possiblity that I would come  home with a Denny, a litter of something, and at least five new cats and a ferret.


  1. Do I misremember? Didn't you used to have like 30-40 ferrets? seems to me that's what we usta call you, way back when, behind your back.

    Maybe I gotcha confused with.....hmmm...someone elst.

  2. Staring hard at the monitor. Maybe you did. Sir.

  3. I would love to have a dog, but they just don't work here in town, at least not the kind of dog I like (Border Collie). It is pitiful to walk through a pet shelter, each one seems to say please pick me. We got our border collie right after we moved to town, what we learned was if they are kept inside without work to do, they get destructive and mean. He was so smart, but we eventually had to give him to some folks that have a farm. As they drove away, we stood there with tears in our eyes. We had just give away the best friend and smartest animal I ever knew.

  4. I hear ya, Harvey. My husband had a Border Collie when he was a kid, grew up with it, just about. And they do need a lot of space, a lot of exercise, and direction. He was a neat dog. He even saved my husband's Grandfather's life, at one point, we still have the award he got.

    I think you did the good thing for your dog, gave him what HE needed, not what you wanted. A hard choice, but a good one.