Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy New Month

Made it through January and to celebrate it looks like a goodly half of the country is going to be sharing a blizzard--all relative to where you are,  of course, since blizzard means different things to different people, and what is barely noticeable  here can be a snow of major proportions in a place like Georgia, or DC, or Texas.  I have a friend in Nevada who feels that no one should be allowed to live in a place where the temps drop below 32 deg.  I did tell him, well, when it gets chilly like that we do put our shoes back on and wear sweaters...

Our woodpile is shrinking at an alarming rate.  Partly because it took most of the winter to learn  how to use the new cook stove more efficiently,  partly because when my MIL was ill this fall it came in mid-September, and we just did not have the time or energy to deal with the mountain of wood outside--we're about two cords short of 'enough' to feel that we'll make it.  Oh, the wood is there, just Out There and not In There.

We'll survive, and if we have to hack wood out of the snow we will. Not for the first time.

You have got to love a weather map that looks like this...


  1. Yes, it is very widespread. We are geting snow and sleet at this very moment. We are going to get 12-14 inches, and cold temperatures. It's supposed to be -8 here in the morning, thats cold for us. I'm staying inside today. We were lucky in one respect, no freezing rain, and we still have power. The bad news is Missouri is running low on money and they are only plowing the major roads. The governor has already declared This a disaster area, that really makes you feel better when sitting in the ditch waiting for help.

  2. It's a most impressive map, isnt it. We are still in the 1-2 foot range, but supposedly not going to get the blizzard stuff. I can only imagine blizzard conditions with that much loose puffy snow. ye gods.

    and -8 is cold for us, too. You're wise to not go anywhere, but there are people who for some reason choose this moment to stock up on food, or cigarettes, or beer..."taking the car for a spin" takes on a whole new meaning, don't it.

    Stay warm, dont forget to store some water somewhere, you might need it.

  3. Amazing to me it is how cold this winter has been. Somehow I suspect yall will survive. One thing amazes me is how well people survive

  4. I suspect if we didnt have pretty good survival skills we'd just be grease spots on the evolutionary charts...our talent lies in adapting to what's in front of us (or, in this case, falling on us). Im not crazy about this much colder, but it has been colder, for longer. I dont even like to remember that one, lol...