Friday, January 28, 2011

Upscale Shopping Adventures

Went to a grocery store Ive rarely bothered with before. This one  has a specialty cheese and wine section, the herbs are now by themselves on a huge rack nearby, (SIX kinds of salt?  Oh, please) the visible milk case is heavy on soy milk and imported yogurt (some, Im sure, with bits of yurt added for authenticity), and gourmet/organic everything.  Upscale all the way. I felt like I should have dressed better.

I had to ask a clerk where the eggs, bread, and regular milk were. I also mentioned how hard it was to find what I wanted.  She laughed and said, "well, I think the designers wanted people to have a real Shopping Experience when they come here. They put that stuff out so you have to go past it, maybe try something new."  Really.  I told her I dont buy groceries to get a Shopping Experience, I buy grocieries to eat.

The regular food was way the hell at the other end of the store in a plain brown wrapper, so to speak, and the bread aisle wasn't even marked.  I think they were embarrassed to have to sell Wonder Bread at all. *g*
I like my aisles to make shopping sense.  Dairy has all the dairy stuff, the bread is all together in one aisle, and let's have the spices in the cooking aisle, please. Where you want them to be. 

Never did find the hand soap.


  1. How long has that store been there? Those specialty stores don't seem to stay in business very long around here. I went into a restaurant one time in New Jersey. I ordered a hamburger which was on the menu, the waiter asked what kind of wine I wanted with that......... That wouldn't float here.

  2. At least five years. They offer all the basics, but the emphasis is on organic, upscale, what I think of as the dinner party people. They arent exactly specialty, but it's obvious where the emphasis lies.

    lol, hamburgers and wine wouldnt float around here either.

  3. I haven't even visited a starbucks, I did order a cappachino in BOOKS A MILLION once, I was shocked at the 4.50 price. I haven't tried organic foods, they are expensive and probably not organic at all. If I want organic, I grow it. I'm eating pork that was raised organically and I will probably butcher a beef in the spring. I think I'm just too old and stubborn to change.

  4. ive never been to a regular Starbucks, but I've had the coffee and I don't mind telling you, it's not worth the price, even for free. I learned that they deliberately overroast the beans, because 'that's the way people like it". Im wondering too if they haven't just told people it's good and now everyone believes it.

    I agree about the organic, but not everyone can grow their own meat, or veggies or fruit. All organic has come to mean is, the food has not been subjected to flyby spray planes, or injected with antibiotics, or growth hormones.

    None of which thrills me, anyway.