Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time flies like a banana

There is a lot to be said for getting older.  One of the things that I tend to view positively is the way time just hurtles by.  Some days it's tomorrow before I even know it's today.  Some days it's next week.  I plan on putting the rest of the christmas lights away, if I ever get a chance, but at the rate things are going, I may have to dust them and put them back in the windows before that. 

One other nice thing is,  no matter how awful January almost was,  boy did it go fast.  February is the next speeding bullet we have to dodge, and after that, March, the Month of Many Blizzards.  Damn,  we're almost into April already. Wasnt that easy?


  1. Occasionally I hear a song on the radio that seems like it was popular only last year, then my granddaughter that was born in 1995 says she never heard it. I come home and google the song to see it was recorded in 1985...... only 26 years ago.. The first 25 years of life went by very slow, the last 25 flew by. Now I'm 62 and wishing time would slow down a bit since I'm enjoying life more now. Life is really short, make the most of it while you can.

  2. Ask me again yesterday.

  3. I know all the words to almost anything written from 1957 onward, up until about 1970, when I clicked off of popular music for decades. but in that space, I know em all, so I understand what youre saying. For us, it WAS yesterday.

    and yes, I do try to have a good time. Not much point otherwise.