Monday, January 24, 2011

Minnesota East

-20 this morning.  And we were in the warm spot.  Maine hit -35 in some spots, and I know Vermont was much colder too.  The good news is,  February is only one week away.  March is five weeks over the next hill.

And the even better news is, as you get older, time seems to move much more quickly,  and that includes winter.  It has been a wonderfully fast winter.  someone this morning said, if this kind of global warming keeps up we could die of frostbite and hypothermia...


  1. Thirty-four below at 6:30, though the guy with the (technically) unoffical reporting station down at the fairgrounds grounds say that at 4:00 it -42.

    Even though I dried my ponytail thoroughly (don't always bother to be so finicky) I still tucked it inside my coat when I left for work.

    And I broke out the winter coat for the first time this season. Usually, I go round most of the winter wearing only the coat's fleece liner. But I guess we're past that now. When it gets cold enough I go round in just the coat.

    The manufacturer says if you wear them both together you're good to 60 below.

    God forbid.

    Listen to me, getting all rhapsodic about the weather. What a Yankee.

  2. I dont mind the cold Out There because I stay In Here unless it's utterly vital to do otherwise. What I do mind is the 50 deg. In Here at 5 am. When it gets that cold overnight I do give in and put slippers on. Floors get a might chilly, y'see.

    With wood stoves, at least, you get to be part of the Cold Experience, involved, you might say, right up to the hipbones.

    And let's face it, ron., when it's this kind of cold it's not your ordinary cold, you're allowed to rhapsodize. A little.

    It's good to know 1)you have your ponytail back and 2)you tuck it in before you venture out. Nothing is uglier than a frozen ponytail.

  3. Wow.... My 18 degrees this morning don't sound so bad now. I hate January, the only good things that ever came out of January was my wife was born and my wedding anniversary. The Aunt that we cared for passed away two days ago, that will be three funerals in about a week. I can't say I blame them for dying, they didn't care for January either. I think perhaps I would prefer to die in December, that way I get to skip Christmas depression and January. Aren't I a real optimist this morning.

  4. You did good by the aunt, Harvey. You said you'd tend her, and you didnt let her down.

    I have a suggestion about that winter blues thing. Two years ago I started taking vitamin D, up to 2000 units a day, every day. It really helps with winter depression, and just makes you feel better all over. Buy a bottle, try it. It doesnt interact badly with anything you're taking, and it might just work.

    and february is only six days away. cling to that.