Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kinda pretty, innit.


  1. I used to think so. I'm trying to be objective, but objectivism's a head thing and these old bones ain't buyin it. Maybe Sandra's right: a nice white-sands beach somewhere closer the equator.


  2. Notice I didnt say I LIKED it, but this being the first storm of the season I do manage to work up a wee bit of enthusiasm for the stuff visually.

    And I can appreciate that you who lives nearly at the North Pole might be less than thrilled with yet another snowstorm...

    For me, at least, the idea of Going Somewhere for a few weeks or even a month this time of year is probably more effort than I ever want to deal with.

  3. Pretty in a picture, not so much when its in my back yard. I would like to go south the day after Christmas and return in time to plant radishes.

  4. yep, I know the feeling. But we have three cats, and a house that runs on woodstoves.

    the logistics of dealing with that in the winter would be mind numbing.

    not only that, 'where to go' could turn into two separate vacations, one for him and one for me.

    hrmmm. separate vacations.