Sunday, December 26, 2010

yay it's christmas yay it's over

Not that we do much about it on a personal basis, but at least I won't be hearing Alvin and the Chipmunks for another year,  and all the pre Christmas sales  have turned into post Christmas sales,  and my latent guilt at not sending cards or buying gifts can go back in the carton with the tree we didnt put up this year.

I know, I know, bah humbug. Go, Scrooge.

Now we can settle back into the process of getting in and out of winter in time for spring.  Some years it's a close call.


  1. We put up a tree this year. My beloved Sandra, her family impending, insisted.

    First she selected a 12-footer (we do have cathedral ceiling living room) but we agreed it would be too hard to decorate. When she selected a 10-footer, saying, "This is the one I want," and I replied with "Whatever makes you happy, Dear," the lot tender, overhearing, smiled at me & said, "You've been married a while, aintcha?"

    I'm with you: Glad it's over again.

  2. In this house the Mister is the Deck the Halls person. I've managed to whittle it down over the years to an artificial tree that lives in our attic most of the year, and lights in the windows.
    This year we compromised. No tree, but I did put the candles in the windows. Not an easy feat, we have 26 windows and not necesarily a corresponding plug nearby. The deal was, I'll put em up, you turn them on and off in the evening.

    Now I understand why my older friends, especially women who are now alone, no longer put up the tree, decorate, all of that. It used to horrify me; not even a TREE, I'd whisper. Move over, ladies, there's room on that "why bother" bench for one more.

    But yeah, the deeply married tend to know when to back off and compromise a tad. You did well, and Im sure it is/was lovely.

  3. Pssst -- thinking of you, Mits, and happy new year. Replying to a few of your posts:

    The boards are gone, replaced by what was described in a commercial (voiced by Dennis Leary) as "Bliggety-blogs, Facey-spaces, and Tweety-pages". The Wild West of Neopoeia (which was, in the end, as much of an ultimate gated community as Brainstorms) is now WikiWest.

    What does God carry in his wallet? A $3 bill, a receipt from Bed Bath & Beyond (having been the only entity to ever purchase the Beyond), and two business cards -- one with Anselm's Ontological Theory printed on the front and a scribbled, almost illegible, phone number in the back with a 666 area code; one printed on hard plastic that says, simply, "I AM". He got that one as a gift while sitting shiva for Descartes.

  4. Happy new year to you, Epo, and to everyone else

    I guess every type of interaction behaves just the way everything else does--what seems to be a perfect kind of communication that reaches its peak, has a huge revolution and then either disappears entirely or survives greatly altered.

    Im wondering if the Net itself might not go nova, too, some day and split into different factions...ten years ago no one had ever heard of blogs, a few people had them, but it wasnt what it is now.

    Oh. And god always always carries a clean, monogrammed linen hankie. God does not sniffle.