Thursday, December 2, 2010


Brought to you by the good folks who last year on their church marquee proclaimed, "BLESS GOD, AMERICA"--this year they ask us,  "IF GOD CARRIED A WALLET, WOULD YOUR PICTURE BE IN IT?"
It is hard to imagine the mind that could imagine God carrying a wallet in the first place. Strange questions arise. 

Does he have credit cards?
How much cash would God carry?
What about a driver's license? 


  1. Maybe he carries a blackberry for internet access?? Maybe he was Marfark?????????

  2. i love the idea of God using a blackberry

    havent thought of marfark in years, and with any luck it will be years more before his name comes up, lol.
    no one is marfark, he is a figment of his own imagination...

  3. I dunno about the whole wallet thing, but I'll bet he's never without a pen.

  4. It would have to be a fountain pen, Cross, maybe, gold filled. And one of those nice leather (no 'ette' for god, nossir) notebooks for his appointments.