Friday, December 10, 2010

Earth cycles, 1, Global Warming 0

This morning at 5:am the thermometer read -1.  In Britain they are experiencing the coldest winter in 100 years.  Europe is digging out its long johns and wondering where they put the snow plows. 

Last year during the much-touted Global Warming conference in Denmark there was a blizzard.  Probably directly over the conference center.  This year the Global Warming folks are in Cancun and if I lived there, I'd bring in my pets and buy some warmer clothing.  It seems, somehow, that every time they decide to meet (and very expensive meetings these are, indeed) to 'discuss' global warming",  the thermometers plunge, and the conference tables turn to blocks of ice.   Perhaps if they turned all that money into actually doing something instead of actively discussing doing something,  I'd be a bit less cynical about the whole deal. 

Time to feed the stoves.  It's turning into a 3 stove day, for sure. 


  1. cane u tele me about booring on the earth

  2. These folks all say they favor not burning fossil fuels to protect the environment, but they will all arrive at the meeting in their private jets, burning much more fuel than if they flew commercial. These people don't have a real life, they have no idea of how the rest of us live and survive.......enough said

  3. even better than that, they will be staying at some very expensive hotels, and eating anything in sight (expense accounts, you know)--this is not a conference where you brown bag your lunch and forage for breakfast at the local McDonald's...

    All the money spent on these silly things could go toward building windmill farms, or helping factories become a bit more green. How many times do they have to meet before they come to a consensus about global warming...?