Sunday, December 5, 2010

A bit of nostalgia for what is now 'the good old days"

Something has gone out of message boards, as a general rule, and I miss it. There is no longer that free-wheeling sense of creativity there once was, bounded only by your imagination and what the board itself would tolerate. 

I cannot fathom any board out there now allowing the freedom to "spin" that we once had at places like Excite, or the old Speakeasy, Fresh Press, or even Multiverse  in all its strange incarnations. 

There are message boards, to be sure,  but they are specific; writing, talking about writing,  tractors, skate boarding, politics, etc etc.  The freedom to get down and stream-of-conciousness creative seems to have disappeared.  That may be why I have such a difficult time sticking with any one board, these days,   there's simply no room to haul in the bean bag chairs and the new bar stools. 


  1. Hi Judy, here as promised. Wishing more of your poetry was posted. Agree with you hundred percent re: message boards tho' I gave up on them long before you did. We were lucky to have been in on the start of things when there was still some innocence. Folks were excited about the possibilities of the new medium and more open-hearted about it all. Not so playful now. Too many jerks I guess, people have their guard up. Just makes the old days more special. If you ever do find a "home" let me know.

  2. It was fun, wasnt it. I miss it, but at least we had the chance to fly for a bit. I think everything has it's turn, and right now it's facebook and twitter, specialized forums and blogs. Soon enough this will be old, and there'll be new stuff to do, and this will be nostalgia time too.
    Nice to see you again, girl. Truly