Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the new bookstore

In the mall in Concord a new bookstore finally opened--however, it's Border's and they have a very limited range of books available.  It almost amounts to censorship but im not entirely sure who is censoring what or why...Im giving them the benefit of the doubt right now, because they havent been there long;  very few shelves in the open spaces, for one thing.  Lots of self help books, history, biography.  No Robert Parker, John P. MacDonald, Lawrence Block, John Irving or Terry Pratchett. Very few women-as-detective series.  And incredibly, Jane Eyre has been relegated to the mystery/detective shelf.  No poetry, not even Shakespeare or Frost. 
It comes across as a Nicholas Sparks/Oprah type store, easy reads,  nothing too difficult.  If you are over 7 you are labeled an indepent reader, even if you are  now reading the final Harry Potter.

This Independent Reader fwowed up and left.


  1. No McDonald? No Pratchett? No Block, fer cryin out loud?

    I sense a niche, Mits, let's open us up a bookstore that actually has something to read in it.

  2. When I discovered that Jane Eyre had been relegated to the mystery/detective section, I just backed up and left. quelle horreur

    one of my latent dreams has been to use the books ive acquired over the years as a kind of seed money thing, start up an independent bookstore, just for us common folk who believe there is more to life than the DaVinci Code and Nicholas Sparks. And, god help me, the complete works of Shakespeare.

  3. The problem I would have with trying to do that is... I can't part w/my books. If I owned a used bookstore, I'd end up keeping half of what got traded in!

  4. only half. I admire your self restraint. Maybe a lending library would work, one where you leave a healthy deposit for the book, if you decide to keep it, you lose the deposit, if you bring it back that's cool too. That would work for me.

    When you think of the number of books I have bought even at yard sales and library sales that turned out to be duds, it would nice to have something in this world that really was a money back guarantee.