Monday, September 13, 2010

Today I am an Old Person

I have just officially become a medicare recipient,  subject to the whims and vagaries of Social Security, from now until they decide what to do with the body, hopefully years down the road.  It's a bit unsettling.


  1. Soooooo, like, do I have to type louder or something? Does The Granite state even have Social Security? What a buncha candyasses!

    Suck it, Granny; there's gonna be shovelin to get done.

    Seriously, babe, you have my condolences.

  2. Ooooops! That shoulda said "Suck it up...."

  3. I know, I know. Actually Happy Birfday might sound better than Consolation in your time of Grief. Underneath it all Im fairly pleased that Uncle Sugar will be paying my medical bills someday soon. Long LONG may he wave.

  4. Make sure to tell the Gummint to keep their stinkin' hands off yer Medicare!

  5. Well since I beat you to Medicare by three weeks, I can tell you that the really bad part about reaching that point in life is that the time to get there went by so fast, I still feel like 25 should be old age. I remember when I was 23 there was a woman who turned 25 and was moaning about how old she was getting, and I believed her. Sheesh those next 42 years have taken only two, I hate to think how fast the next 42 pass. Assuming I make it to 107

    Happy Burpday a day late and a dollar short, of course I have been a dollar short for the last 42 years.

  6. as to getting to 107; I'll race ya.

    and yeah, it just whizzes right along, doesnt it. I think we most all reach maturity emotionally at about the same age, 18 or so.
    Its one reason high school reunions can be so god awful painful, and enlightening, at the same time.

    Id say the really bad part is the insane questionnaires they want you to fill out, at a time in my life when such things (no mistakes vill be tolerated, yah) turn me god, Im 65

    and happy birthday right back, three weeks late