Sunday, August 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

Finally, rain. The neighbor who takes our hay every year came to mow, yesterday; and today, racing the rain, he gathered it into windrows, baled it,and loaded it onto our flatbed all in about five hours. Just minutes, literally, before the rain started for real, he came back with his pickup and got the last half dozen or so bales left behind.

Which is why we do not grow or sell hay for sale, why we do not raise vegetables or fruit commercially, or any of the other things folks seem surprised we do not do with 'all that land'. I simply do not have the emotional stamina any longer to watch thunderheads gathering on the day we mow the field, or watch a late May frost wipe out an entire year's harvest. I do however
admire those people who do, and seem to thrive on it in some way.

But it did rain at last and is raining now. I hope it rains for a week.


  1. And isn't that almost full moon a beaut? I;m harvesting moonlight. No time constraints, but finding a silo to hold it's a bitch.

  2. Not a bad way to go, Ron. Our full moon (which amazingly is the same as yours) has been nicely obscured by clouds all night, and looks to be most of the day.

    I love the idea of harvesting. Save it up for later, when you can use a bit more. Sort of like Ray Bradbury's idea of saving summer in bottles to be released as needed, during the coming winter.