Thursday, August 19, 2010

enough, already

This has been the Summer of Small Appliances. I finally divested myself of three old vacuums, one dating back to the days when women were shown in ads wearing heels, stockings, and shirtwaist dresses. and smiling. Nature, however, abhors such things, and sure enough my mother in law, hearing that I was down to one, unloaded--errr,--gifted me with one of hers, cutting her vacuums down to two and raising mine.

Some time later I was telling her what a mess my new iron was, and she said, oh wait, I have one that you might like better. It's not very good, but at least it doesn't spit water at the cat.
She was right, it wasn't very good. Just last week, as part of her current effort to clean out the deadwood, she presented me with her newest one, truly a terrific iron. And as she said, since you're ironing my clothes anyway...(no, ma'am, I don't mind at all). Now I have three.

Tonight she parted with a mixer. It's a late forties Dormeyer Silver Star. No, I never heard of it either. I shall add it to my mixer collection, which is now up to six. No one, ever, ever, needs six mixers, three of which are stand mixers. Just as no one ever needs 14 strainers and colanders...

I can hardly wait to see what she sends over next--


  1. Welcome back, I was beginning to think you might not be with us anymore. If your mother in law can't supply you with enough relics, let me know,my mother and aunt has some that were brought over on the mayflower.

  2. oh, dont get me wrong, most of what she gives is in working condition, and even that old mixer still runs perfectly. I don't object to the mixer, or the faberware pots, I guess what I really am fussing about is that I have no place to store most of this.

    Old houses do not as a rule have a lot of places to store things, since back then there were not a lot of things to store.

    It's been a fragmented summer, Harvey, and not a lot of desire to write about what Ive already written about. After awhile you think, hey, I said that last year, too. Sigh.

  3. But do you have any electric kruumkakke irons?

  4. not yet, dear heart. not yet.

    However she did send along a hamburg cooker. really. She used to haunt yard sales, so much of what she parts with so handily is actually leavings from then. We are really into major recycling, I guess. I have a Salvation Army loop, she does the yardsale loop. Of which, it seems, I am part.
    But it would not surprise me at all to see kruumcakke irons surfacing...

  5. We have a saying about those sorts of things... "The cord's worth a quarter!"

  6. "if nothing else, I can always cut off the plug and use the cord to tie stuff up"

    "that's a good carton, we'll save that one"

    "I can use those plastic bags" (from the school of "playing with the packaging and ignoring the gift")

    "They make nice storage dishes for the fridge"

  7. Beter wealth than want, I suppose:

    There's some kinda spatulavore living in our spatula drawer. I buy one or two of them puppies every week, and they all disappear by the time I'm ready to easy-over them Sunday morning eggs My Beloved Sandra says I shouldn't be eating.

  8. aha. Do we see a connection between your Best Beloved and the Spatulavore?
    (you might also remind her that 9 out of 10 health people now realize that egg cholesterol is not Bad Cholesterol and yes, you can have some.)

  9. That's what I tell her every time I sit down to half a dozen or so, fried up in lard, with a half-rasher of bacon. She don't seem to believe me...