Tuesday, July 27, 2010

August is too damn close for comfort

I suddenly want to pull up one potato plant just to see what's down there. I know, I know, pig potatoes and not much else, and nothing more until the end of August... Potatoes are like all those presents under the tree at Christmas; you know some of it's drek (socks, underwear, that awful red chenille vest...)--but the possibilities for Wonderful are just as great. Just one on Christmas eve, huh huh huh.

Maybe just one plant. Just to see.


  1. RESIST!!!! (ps working on the ten, give me time...)

  2. I pulled one this morning, and got about five pounds off one hill. Good, clean, no nibbles, no scale. I am suitably impressed.

    As to the ten word thing, there used to be a contest at Utne when it was still thriving, where you were given ten words and 15 minutes to churn something out. many of the poems went on to be published, some of them almost as they had appeared in the contest.
    If you let it wash over you, the results can be amazing, and sometimes a bit frightening.
    Its a bit like automatic writing, you just let the words tell you what the poem should be.