Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stove more

it sat overnight under a tarp, and by this afternoon the sun came out and we had worked out fifteen possible ways to move this thing without losing body parts or a marriage in the process. One of them worked (the one with the pushing and screaming, crowbars, a hydraulic jack, and rollers--not unlike giving birth) and we managed to get it at least in the back door and under cover. Tomorrow, the last 20 feet to the fireplace. Man handling 600 pounds of stove on a hot July day is an exercise in um, exercise...


  1. ExCUSE me, but where is the picture of it out of the box? Now, THAT would be exciting. Besides, what if you open the box and find its a leg lamp?

  2. lol, you're right. I didnt take a photo because it was covered with ick and rust from being tarped all night, and I wanted to get it in and at least under cover before we did the photo shoot thing. Hang on.