Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still here, breathing softly

It's been a crazy (and mostly good) summer, one of those periods when you move from major event to major event in a straight line, and the spaces in between are like islands where you plan for the next thing to happen. A few weeks back we had a utility pole removed, the one that holds the meter and supplies the power and telephone feeds underground into the house. It involved an electrician, the electric company, the building inspector, the telephone company, and Cuffy, who discovered that loose dirt mounded up is a GREAT play toy to push back in the hole...
Each part of the event involved a week of contacts, scheduling, coordination between the three branches of government, and lollipops all around at the end.

Today we got me signed up for Medicare (yes, it's that time); part of me is constitutionally against it, part of me knows Ill be glad of it in about 20 years. I'll get over me sooner or later.

The stove is not here yet, Kate. But we expect a call any day now, or next month. With stuff like this it's a wide range.

And through it all the wood man delivers, two cords at a time. This is what eight cords looks like...

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  1. That's quite the stack of wood you got there, Mits. :)

    I can dig the whole craziness of summer -- it's about the same at Chez Flippish, but with smaller events. Still in rapid succession, and you wake up one morning and ask yourself "How did it get to be July? We've only been camping once and fishing twice and those two books were due back at the library weeks ago..."