Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ruminations III

When I first started this blog I was apprehensive about where it would go, and what would happen along the way. Still not sure about where it's going; most of the time it's a bit like my garden, a hearty mix of almost everything--but what has happened is what happens to a lot of blogs, and in a most positive way; a small interested group of people, some of whom I have known for (wow) years, but most of whom do not really know one another that well, but have all gathered to read, comment, and converse.

and that, I realize, is what keeps me going, and keeps this going. For those of you who read and comment (either here or privately), you need to know how much of a difference it makes, that dialogue, that extra commentary. It's a very cool thing.


  1. Keep on going, Mittens. I've been following your blog through Google Reader.


  2. That pleases me more than you can imagine, Laguna. And its nice to know you're out there.

  3. And I'll keep riding my Deadhorthe through the commentth as long as you'll have me! Pththt -- give me ten words and I'll give you a poem. Love, Igor

  4. What? You have a blog?

    I might start a third, if I can come up with some other cool egg reference. I'm not so good with words, y'know.