Thursday, July 15, 2010

New stove, first baby picture

its not the best shot in the world, but ain't it shiny, and ain't it black...I can't use a flash, because of all the chrome. But its by god level (there's a two inch difference between the back legs and the front ones, because of the floor) and its just the right cooking height for me. The old one was about two inches higher, and it was doable but not perfect. Our biggest problem is going to be getting an adapter for the stovepipe. The piece that comes with it is oval, but our flue is round. They make adapters, but they're hard to find.
That will be the last hurdle, getting it hooked into the chimney. But its here and it looks like it belongs. *g*


  1. Whoo-hoo! Now you're cooking with gas, er, wood.

  2. err yeah *g*

    eventually. For a supposedly top notch stove, this has some glaringly lowlevel nasty surprises. some of the screws (on the same section) ran the gamut of too big, too small, flat headed, phillips, and square drive. Amazingly, no metric. The stove pipe insert is oval. In order to make it fit our round flue opening we had to special order an adapter piece.

    But we gettin' there. Luckily its July and not October...

    And it makes a lovely place to put flowers.

  3. Oh, yeah; this ain't too skunkish at all. I'm glad there weren't too much disjointment and disk slippage gittin her in there. Conga rats. Call me when there's pancakes.

  4. The marriage survived, the door frames are intact, and yes two small people can do this, provided they have an engine hoist, chains, rollers, runners for the rollers, a LOT of 2X12 planks, pinchbar, three kinds of jacks, wedges, and a high tolerance for pain.

    We took the old stove out the same route, and it now sits on the trailer, waiting to go to the scrap metal place. Seems kinda sad, but at least it will be going for a good cause.

    Pancakes at the first hint of 50 degrees(or bring your own fig newtons for dipping)...