Monday, July 19, 2010


Just finished "Oryx and Crake" by Margaret Atwood. She writes strange fiction, not really science fiction, and yet it is. The last of hers I read, "The Penelopiad" I couldnt even finish, not with that chatty sly-sounding Penelope narrating...

for some reason I'm compelled to read Atwood's books, and afterwards think, well, okay...and as good as she is, there are times when I think she leaves too much to the reader's imagination (and sometimes too little), and that can be very frustrating.

also finished the Discworld series (again) with the addition of what I hope will be Terry Pratchett's final book, harsh as that may sound. This last one I could only get about two chapters in, and realized I was never gonna finish it. He still writes well, but it seems overwritten and forced, at some level. Damn.

Picked up a book by Ted Kooser, from 1980. In reading this, I can see how far he has come as a writer since then, and can admit to being mostly disappointed by what he was writing 30 years ago. Thank god for growth, and he surely has.

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