Monday, May 17, 2010

margin gem stove

It was time, and this is the one that to me says 'cook stove'.
Shelf instead of warming oven, no water reservoir, no fancy
bits. Just a fire box, an oven, and moi. Six weeks, give or take.
This is more exciting than a new refrigerator, *g*


  1. Nice looking stove! Have you ever considered an Aga?

  2. near as I can tell, an Aga is a gas stove and not designed to heat the house, just the food. We need an all purpose wood stove, since Im not a fan of gas stoves in general.

    Only problem is, I now have to retrain the wood guy; I ask him for 16" wood, and hope he keeps it under 18"; now we will have to do a whole new dance for next year, lol.

  3. Wow. That is gorgeous. The lines and the finish. I am crazy impressed. Do you have a photo of what you're using now?

  4. Good looking piece. You must let us know how it cooks.

  5. oh, I shall, jak. Chapter and verse. I now am looking at the wood that's being delivered, gauging what will fit and what will go elsewhere...I know most stoves give you a bit of leeway as to how long a stick it will take, so 17" can mean anything up to two inches longer. With luck and determination *g*

    It should be here in maybe a month. INSIDE is another matter entirely (one phase at a time, she said, breathing softly)...