Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just for Kate

this is what we're using now. It's twenty three years old and starting to warp a bit, and frankly Ive never been totally pleased with it. It was never mentioned that all the measurements are metric, and the oven was just that much smaller than most of my cookie sheets and even turkey roaster, they all had to be pared down to fit. Very annoying.

The design is very similar, but smaller than the new one, and i wont be getting white doors, just basic black. Im impressed, too, Kate. *g*

Getting it in and set up will be the fun part, it weighs over 500 pounds--god bless engine hoists and rollers. I just don't want to take a door frame off the hard way when we're rolling it down the ramp and into the doorway...yikes...


  1. It looks lovely, Mittens.

  2. thanks, laguna (and how nice to see you lurking here); it's as important as getting the "right" car, since I will be dealing with it daily, hourly, for far longer.
    And it's kind of a cool thing to commit to.

  3. Absolutely. And what a commitment, all that wood, all that stoking. I admire your pluck, there, Missy.

    Both are impressive units, but the new one is just beyond beautiful.

    Will you be able to sell the old one?

  4. Well, you know, it becomes a kind of philosophy, doesnt it. I love wood heat, I love the idea that it's our responsibility (literallyy) to keep the house warm and the wood box full, and that we are truly dependent on only one person, the wood guy, to get some here (and if we had to, we could cut it ourselves, but that might be more than I want to shell out in exercise, lol). And when the power goes out at ten pm, the stove doesnt.

    The only way I'd get this old stove out of here would be to give it away or take the parts I can reuse and send the rest to the metal pile at the land fill. Its good for a camp, but its not really in good shape inside. 23 years of burning wood does that to a stove; the baffles are gone, the grates have to be reconstructed every few years, yet as a camp stove its perfect.

    But I dont see that happening any time soon. sadly.

  5. oh you impatient girl, you.

    Not till the end of July, most likely, or a bit sooner. we still have to clear a path from the outside door to the kitchen, devise an alternate route (shorter but more perilous) that could jeopardize our marriage at some point, and do a heap o' rearranging between then and now just to get Mr. Old Stove out of the way (in pieces or sections, depending on how Im feeling that day) to make room for the new guy. I'd rather they didnt meet, but it can't be helped, sometimes.