Monday, May 10, 2010

It gets scary sometimes

Most of the time when I come to a red light and stop, it changes, and I am off and rolling. This time I was mentally drifting a bit and missed the change--after a few seconds the truck behind me tapped his horn, and I started to move forward. Just as I did, a car ran the red light on the cross traffic.

It didnt seem like much but then I realized that if I had been quick off the mark he could very well have got me broadside. I would have been about where he was at the same time since my left hand view was blocked by an SUV, and I had no way of knowing there was a car running the light.

Maybe from now on i will instigate the three second green light rule and if the hotshot behind me is that impatient he can pound sand.


  1. Let them wait.

    Sometime I'll tell you about the fistfight I nearly got into over that sort of thing -- sitting in the right turn lane, my view completely blocked, and the arsehole behind me laying on the horn, shouting, and waving the finger at me because I didn't dart out on a red light onto the main drag. If Bucky hadn't been along (and in a car seat, so you know how long ago this was) I swear I was seriously considering taking a tire iron to his windshield.

    Sanity prevailed. I did cut him off half a block later just for spite, though. ;)

  2. well to be fair the guy behind me just made a little "toot", which isnt offensive, just a reminder.

    I've learned to never put on that blinker at a red light, until the light changes or its safe for me to go.
    I had almost the exact same experience as you did, pouring rain, four lane intersection both ways, TOOT TOOT TOOT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, so when we turned right FINALLY, I realized, golly, it's raining, I must go slow now. And I did. positioned so that no one could whiz past me on the right (that would be unsafe), and going just a skosh below the speed limit. Every time he tooted at me, I dropped my speed a bit more. By the time we got to where I was going to turn we were barreling along at maybe 15 mph. *wicked grin*. And I made very sure there was no car within sight anywhere before I made my careful left hand turn.

    Only chillun have their ways of driving other people batshit, dont they...

  3. You are Evil. That's what I love about you. ;)

  4. Near misses leave us with lots to ponder. I can remember vividly a number of mine; the difference of a split second or a few inches and my life would have either been over, or at least very different. I'm never very sure what to think of that.

  5. Yes, I do the same thing. Why me, you think. And more interestingly, why NOT-me.

    Ive been privileged to see that kind of thoughtfulness/epiphany more than once, most notably in a kid who was playing 'pass the cars" on a two way road, riiiiding along on the left side, nip into the line when he could, and suddenly he ran out of spaces; here comes a buncha cars the other way, and maybe passing ten cars at once was not a good idea...we all started drifting to the right, the cars approaching him drifted to the right on their side, and he missed the lead car by no more than an inch of clearance. if he had hit, it would have involved a LOT of cars. Further down the road we passed him sitting on the side of the road, staring, just staring. Finally he started the car, pulled very carefully onto the road, and that was it. I like to think he remembered how close he came.
    Lord knows, I did. Hell, I suspect we all remember.