Monday, February 22, 2010

Guy gadgets

And the cellphone was lonely, so he brought home a GPS handheld to keep it company, and then so he would be able to mush out into our frozen wasteland and play with the GPS (which is really kind of neat) he got a pair of those new skinny aluminum snowshoes.

At this point, I don't mind. It gets him out walking, it gives him a hobby, and since he wants to go climbing next summer, I do not have to go with him now, and I do not have to worry about a 66 year old man stravaging all over the White Mountains for the first time in decades.

It does seem that when men embark on Adventures like this, they are no longer content with a stout stick and good boots. They need compasses that cost a week's wages, a better camera, walking sticks that do everything but play the bagpipes, special backpacks to hold all this stuff...if he ever falls over with that new backpack on he will be immobilized until someone can get him unhitched from it.

And the calendar (picture those transitional calendar page effects from forties movies) is whizzing past February, the days lengthen noticeably, and in 27 days it will be spring. Mud, snow, glop, and all. Not a hard winter, necessarily, but a winter, and I may just go stand in the mudsnowglop when the time comes, just because it's there.


  1. He'll be fine.
    I was wondering where YOU went, though.

    For future reference how long should I not hear anything from or about you before I begin to worry?

    You know I would, too. I did.

  2. oh I know he'll be fine, ron., and without me whinging along behind him he'll be even better than that. And that GPS is basically a cool little computer, you can do everything with it except talk on it.

    For future reference, and I know this may come as a shock, but any time you think I may have disappeared from the face of the planet for too long, i have email and it hasnt changed in 15 years. Sir. But I like knowing you were worried, although I'd never do anything like that on purpose.

    I guess I was just afraid I've done the omygodit's winter song one too many times, and as you well know, this time of year there's not much else out there.

  3. oh. Yeah. Email. I shoulda thought of that. I hate to intrudem though. Plus, I'm always terrified of sending the "Are-you-okay?" message for fear of getting the negatve response. Or worse, none.

    I'll try harder. I guess.