Friday, January 29, 2010

Zero and beyond

'Twas zero this morning, with what can only be called a hearty wind. Zero is one of those temps that make you grateful it wasn't colder, and hopeful that it will get warmer soon. And Monday is the first of February. oh snoopy dance of joy


  1. 8 below overnight, gusts to 35 mph. Ick.

    Single digits only tomorrow. same wind. Ick.

    I'm ready for this week/ month/ winter to be over.

  2. Agreed. You're almost as cold as I am -- glad we got the house insulated this month.

  3. i have no idea what it is outside, somewhere below the zero, but the wind is howling from at least six directions at once, and all three stoves are burning merrily. We are disgustingly comfortable in here, and yes, insulation makes a huge difference.

    Four weeks, Ron., and then March. YAY

  4. First day of spring only 50 days away. Time to settle back into a good seed catalog.

  5. -11 this morning, but the good news is, the wind stopped blowing sometime last night.

    oh, my, thank you, Harvey, for reminding me about that first day of spring. We usually get a blizzard just about then. you do remember those over-the-windows-with-drifting-snow photos I sent you one march...

    Ive begun looking at seed catalogs and then buying locally. But they are mighty good reading, and usually the better ones, like White Flower Farm, teach you more than they sell you.