Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fox Tracks

yesterday afternoon, late, I happened to look out the kitchen window to see a fox trotting was just after sunset so I only had one real chance to get any kind of worthwhile photo, and luckily I got this;

then early this morning he happened by again, since apparently he had found good hunting in the garden the previous day--All of this, of course, less than twenty feet from the edge of the porch...


  1. Nice.

    All we get are tame chipmunks and hostile squirrels. Hmmm.

    Can I borrow your fox to put the Fear into that one alpha squirrel that keeps throwing down on me?

  2. shipping and handling extra, Eponymous. I suggest throwing something back at him. Maybe you can work out a routine.

    What I love is the curled up fox photo, all set for what the Mister calls his "quick power nap", complete with turn turn turn turn fluff the tail yawn and drift off for about ten seconds...

    And I was right, after a bit of checking the the Critter Guide, he's after (and has found more than one) Meadow Voles, which are a LOT bigger than I realized, some of them up to seven inches long. Cuffy gets 'em too, but he always brings them back to the porch for playtime. Mercifully foxes do not do that.