Friday, December 11, 2009

you have to wonder

last week we became the parents of a cellphone. Wednesday of this week we had a large snowstorm. About 9 AM I got a call from him, saying he had just been in an accident on one of the back roads. He was fine, the truck was bunged up a bit, and they were waiting for the wrecker to drag him out of the ditch he had landed in, to avoid someone slewing around the corner at him on a very steep hill. It's a treacherous spot even in good weather, and in a snowstorm it's like Russian roulette.

I suppose without the cell he'd have ended up at home eventually and told me about it, but there seems to be some kind of strange connection in my head with "have phone/need phone" at this point. In other words, the folks who Watch Us with great glee and sniggers wait for things like this, and then twist the dial a bit, just to make it more interesting. "After all", they reason, "he's got the phone..."

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