Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey update

I seriously do not know what part of the brain functions with the Fish & Game people here; after our two summer turkeys disappeared into what I can only imagine is someone's freezer, the other day there were ten turkeys all milling about in a great huddle. Now they seem to have sorted themselves out, and the three that have taken over our field are behaving suspiciously like half tame, hand fed, newly released into the wild turkeys, with all the cunning and wild turkey skills of a baby duckling.

When I drove up into the yard this afternoon there they were, chowing down not ten feet from the car, never even looked up. I got out, slammed the door, one of them looked up for a minute and then went back to eating. I suspect if I offered them grain out of a pail they'd mob me.

I think turkey season is over, so basically what we're getting is free meals for the coyotes, at least the ones who don't mind talon marks and being beaten to a froth by enraged turkeys...


  1. You know, with proper planning and a secure enclosure, you could have wild turkey for next Thanksgiving... or you could train them to be Guard Aves.

  2. oh that's funny. I was earlier today thinking, my little shed (about 10X10) would be just the right size for a few turkeys, with a turkey door high up and a ramp...

    we would have the oldest wild turkeys in semi-captivity, trust me. all named, brushed, and taken in once a year for their distemper shots and tonenail filing. yes indeed.

  3. I wonder if they would eat beet pulp?

    I acdtually can see you caring for geriatric turkeys...

  4. Coyotes..........Yum

    Beet pulp not so much.

  5. apparently this thing does not allow urls in the post. sulk. to the right, there is a sidebar list called Odds and Ends. next to last in that list is something called the "Beet Pulp Story"...yes, it's worth the effort if you've not seen it before.

    I love the idea of geriatric turkeys, aging deer, all gathered in different sheds, sheltering out of the winter winds...

  6. I used to get a lot of pics of wild turkeys on my wildlife cam, but none this year. I had always heard how wild and timid they are. One day I drove into the field and the 9 tom turkeys were in the field. Two were fighting, their necks wrapped around each other, doing some serious head pecking. There was another turkey that was either wanting in on the fight or was a referee, I couldn't tell which. I
    drove about 75 feet from the two fighting, set in the car and watched. The remaining 6 turkeys hid in a fence row. After 5 minutes or so the 6 came back out and watched the fight. After watching for about 15 minutes I drove the car within 10 feet of the fighting birds, they quit fighting and walked away slowly. I got the feeling that these birds might be as wild and flighty as everyone had told me. They never took to the air, just walked away from the car. I havent seen them since.