Saturday, December 12, 2009

spel chek

spell check is humbling to a touch typist who learned on an old office machine, and is now confined to a plastic monstrosity referred to as a keyboard; it's like trying to perform Swan Lake in a closet.


  1. Spell Check is bunk and bogus and leading to a creeping illiteracy.

    In English class we were examining a website and at one point it said the company provided discrete solutions. People in class tittering because they can't parse homonyms. It made me sad.

    At one point, my new version of Word started correcting my typing as I typed -- not flagging perceived misspellings, but actually changing my words. That little "feature" got disabled so fast that Bill Gates' dog felt it...

  2. that's funny. yes, i do get that part about homonyms, and rarely use spell check for anything, but right now I hafta, if only to remind myself that correspondence always ALWAYS has an "s"...
    and like your new version, my 2000 version will often decide that this is not what we will allow you to do, nope, and won't you be surprised...
    took me three days to figure out why I was now getting double spaces at the hard carriage return, and two more to find the Magic Command to make it stick.

    Now Im having to insert manual hyphens in my "automatic" hypen command, since apparently the hyphen is no longer working as part of the automatic command.

    That is scary, that it would change your language in mid-type...sounds like something that happens when you go from 'formal' to 'informal'. I have all of that stuff disabled, and chained to the wall as well.