Saturday, December 5, 2009


The mister went out and got himself a cellphone. As long as I don't have to deal with the mysteries of one, im cool with that. He wants to continue this hiking thing he (we) started last summer, and I realized very early on that my dislike of trudging up mountains and then coming back down has solidified into loathing, partly because the body no longer will tolerate those kinds of stresses. And with only one eye to work from, there is no depth of field, no way to judge just where the ground is when you step down from a ten inch rock. ow.

But he has gotten wistful, saying he'd like to go but he knows I don't. With a cell phone, he can go without feeling uncomfortable about being out there alone, and if he gets in trouble he can call for help. And I won't have the guilts about any of it.


  1. Oh, yes, it's wonderful stuff, cellophane. Did you know that Whitman's Candy was the first to use it commercially, in the sampler packaging, back as early as 1912? Actually, that was the first year it became really viable and available, even though the Swiss chemist Brandenberger had been working on it for over a decade. He was trying to develop a a waterproof cloth, and had a prototype as early as 1900, but it took....

    What? Cellphone?

    Never mind.

  2. Sounds like a good arrangement!

  3. thanks, cindy. I think we both might be old enough and cheap enough and luddite-oriented enough to not get into having one attached to our ear for most of the day...those things cost a BUNDLE to operate.

    Cellphone, Ron. Cellphone.

  4. It starts innocently enough. Adding a cellphone to the family seems rational and innocuous.

    At some point you realize that the lack of long-distance charges and/or never needing to buy calling cards makes it logical to cut your landline.

    Now businesses ask for your phone number -- and text message you with sales etc.

  5. oh, i know. Only this one costs so much per minute EACH way, and with only one of us having it, and no outside calls allowed...

    I have the calling card I started out with six years ago, and when I need extra time i just tell them. We do have a long distance carrier, but they only charge you a monthly fee IF you make a long distance call. So it's a pretty good deal. And I can right now think of maybe three people I would even want to talk to long distance. *g*

  6. Its quite costly to call someone at this rates. I am no longer going to use certain operators.

  7. As long as it's only the Emergency phone for when you're too far away to shout for help, I'm okay with it.

    We have a calling card, and our long distance company only charges us when we make a long distance call. Seems to work out well.

    I shudder to think about what it must cost monthly for people who seem permanently attached. Every waking moment, it seems, is documented for their friends. Most of us (with a few notable exceptions) simply do not have the kind of lives that require moment by moment discussion...