Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Positive Note for the Dark Days

Vitamin D helps. Lots and lots.
And the realization that the days, as always, have been getting shorter since last June, but we had the good weather and warmth to balance that. It didnt really start to show until late October, and then the yearly axe came down with the end of daylight savings time.

However. The winter solstice is only a month away, and then, by golly, the days begin to get a bit longer every day. In the middle of January with blizzards and ice storms and gharstly cold weather, you can say, yes, but the days are getting longer. There is that.

We have begun the search for the next kitchen stove. It's amazing how many wood stoves are out there, and how strangely delicate they all are. Glass fronts, ceramic plates that need to be protected from damage inside, fireboxes with grates that barely function, and while most of the stoves look very nice, with lovely soap stone surfaces or really chichi designs, I look at them and think, these are "company" stoves. "We're having the Hendersons over tomorrow night, it would be nice if we had the stove going. It creates such a lovely ambience"...

But, then, we have till next summer to find one. This is not the time of year to break in a new stove, heck, it's not even the time of year to have one delivered.


  1. Everyone knows that the most important part of a wood cookstove is how it looks!

    It's not like anyone would actually *cook* on one. That's what microwaves are for.


    (This is the second attempt to post this comment, the first time I put pointy brackets around my end tag and got this warning in a big red box:
    "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: SNARK"

    I ask you -- what's the point of the internet of you can't snark?

  2. try snark (caret i (for italic) caret, snark, Caret, /i caret)

    and I agree, them shiny surfaces are never meant to be sullied by (gasp) food spills, as the modern kitchen has that industrial strength rangehood that instantly sucks away all those offensive cooking odors (turkey, popcorn, fudge...)

  3. Because, after all, nothing's worse than walking into a kitchen, the heart of the house, and smelling *gasp* cookery.