Saturday, November 21, 2009


last night, with severe trepidation, I uploaded (or downloaded, Im never sure what the difference is) IE8. the installation was a breeze, since these days you just push the "download' button and remember to keep your hands away from the process until asked. The problems started when I realized that like it or not, I was being gifted with a Google search bar. The unremovable kind. Then I noticed I had five or six toolbars added. I removed two of the more thoroughly useless ones, but am stuck with a huge yellow icon for 'favorites' (which I never use anyway) and tabs. TABS?? you can remove the tabs bar, but if you do you are no longer welcome on the internet. sigh.

Some of my usual go-to places, I was told, were outside the limits of what MSN perceives to be 'secure sites' (you can almost see the frowny face) and to that end I had to do some relatively fancy scrambling to find the passwords that are automatically allowed. All my passwords had been erased, and I suspect will not be allowed until I carefully re-add them.

The font size in the dropdown address bar is now about a pt. 2 or 3, almost impossible to read without squints or glasses.

But the most annoying feature of all, is when I go to ask someone online for help, their only comment is, "get firefox". (I'm behaving. Im not being snarky.) But I will admit I typed in several responses to this kind of comment, and erased them very fast before I could get to the 'post" button. One of my unposted comments was, 'if I wanted firefox, I'd HAVE firefox." In a way it's like buying a new car, and commenting to a neighbor that you really didnt want A/C and his comment is, "you should get rid of that and get a Subaru"...

I'll survive, and realize that a great deal of this whinging is just that, the Luddite in me dislikes changes, even when they're necessary, and the whining and pot cover banging is mostly my way of dealing with it.


  1. I had to go to IE8 a while ago because my IE7 was so virus-laden I couldn't even open it without a cascade of popups and redirects that would crash the computer.

    I've gotten used to it, though, and there are a couple things you will like, eventually. The little yellow star just to the right of the big "favorites" star lets you put favorite tabs on the browser -- handy.

    The worst part is, searching text on a web page is now counterintuitive -- you have to go tp the Google search bar and use the dropdown to access "search on this page" -- there is NO other way to do it. Grrrr.

    I feel you on the Firefox thing. At my last job, the IT department set up an on-line employee schedule, because they did not like the Excel sheets I had set up for this -- and I needed schedule data to do my job -- but they set it up in such a way that it only worked in Firefox. When I complained that it didn't work in IE, they ordered me to use Firefox, and acted like I was some kind of idiot for using IE. I told them, "If you're writing an app for work, you should make it compatable with all major browsers, not just the one that you, as a techie, prefer." Blank stare.

    And it was damn near useless for what I needed to do, because the rule with IT is, systems are always set up to fit ITs needs rather than the needs of the end user. I've run into this problem with every software package I've ever used in a work situation -- the prime example was some maintainence scheduling software I used 12 years back. It was clear that the developers had never turned a wrench, and so did not understand what kind of information was actually useful in developing a scheduled maintenance plan.

    School made me use Firefox, too. I hate Firefox. I hate not being able to cut and past without screwing around directly in precerences files (not setting preferences but actually manually altering the rules file!). Sometimes I can cutpaste, sometomes I can't -- and although I can see why they might not like cutting and pasting in a class discussion board, it also doesn't make sense to force us to have to type in lengthy URLs that seem to be mostly random characters when we want to refer someone to an outside source... Grrr. I hate it that sometimes, when you really need to get online in a hurry (which, at work, was a real issue, because if I couldn't get the data within a few seconds of when I called for it it may as well have not been available at all) Firefox decides it's going to update, whether you want to right then or not.

    You'll get used to IE8, dear Mittens, you will.

    About 2 weeks before IE9 comes out.

    (p.s. thanks for adding me to your blogroll!!)

  2. better yet, I will get used to and possibly embrace wholeheartedly IE8, and cling to it, limpet-like, until IE10 comes out, and only then will I give up my trusty 8 for the newer version...
    I also do not like having a homepage, (that one got deleted wurra wurra fast) since I have no idea what to do with one.
    I use icons on the desk top to get to the places I get to, hell i have folders and txt boxes, files and shortcuts all over the place.
    Drives the Mister crazy.

    And you are most welcome. You're eminently readable, you know.

  3. Yeppers.......... Get Firefox. I tried IE8 and found it miserable. At least I can configure Firefix to do what I want. I also use Thunderbird for my email because it is easier to work with.