Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting ready for winter

There is a certain satisfaction in getting in all that wood, split, stacked, waiting to be used; in getting the stoves cleaned out, refitted with gasket cement and new firebrick, resolving this year as every year to get it a bit better, what I always think of as correcting for true north; last year what we did worked pretty well, but this year I'm taking pains to make it work better. Always tinkering, adjusting.

Today was the second day of cleaning out the dining room chimney, which has needed doing for about five years. It's a bitch to clean with brushes, since part way up the flu shrinks down, for some reason, to about 75% full size, and it's a bear to get a full sized brush into it unless you're lucky and determined. This time the chimney won. I got what I could, but it took two days to get to that point, and tomorrow we have the dubious pleasure of sliding the stove back into position. I can handle the kitchen flu alone, and will start on that in the morning, and finally by tomorrow night all the adjusting and fussing and whining will be over. For awhile.

We've been lucky this week, Indian summer has come early and lingered just long enough to bring in wood from the outside rather than pulling from the shed wood, and just long enough to allow the stoves to be out most of the day for cleaning. Im just glad to get that first one done...

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