Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A winter to grow on

I understand the pressure squirrels and other fuzzy critters must feel this time of year. Gotta get it DONE before snow, yessir.

Breaking up the garden, digging out old, less than interesting flowers in favor of "let's try something new" gives you time to reflect, to think back a bit and forward a lot as to what you'd like to see there. I've been rooting out the 6 foot high African daisies that have taken over half of my long garden, one clump at a time, to the detriment of anything that tries to compete.

I wanted a place to plant potatoes next year, and have planned on a temporary raised bed of old compost there, since they did so well where I had them, in just that kind of soil. But potatoes are hungry beasts, and you have to keep moving them around, to keep them happy. The local wisdom says, 'new ground', and the gardener's best friend, the feed and grain store, says, sulfur powder. Seems to work. And while the ground rests from twenty years of African daisies, i can give some thought as to what I want in there year after next.

We do always seem, as gardeners, to be looking a season ahead, a year ahead, and sometimes, wiht biennials, two years foward. Next year, we say, we'll plant day lilies between those stones, a kind of rock garden. Or maybe something low growing and spreading. And there's no hurry, you have all winter to change your mind. And of course by spring, while you dig for the summer garden, you're planning for next fall, and thinking about the wood you'll need to get in, and where you will put the bulbs next fall when you have to divide them.

I guess we never live in the season we live through.


  1. I'm still living in this season. I am praying for frost so I don't have to mow even one more time. I mow about three acres and I need a rest and so does the John Deere.

  2. you have my sympathies, Harvey. My next mowing will probably be fallen leaves and frozen grass, if we don't get snow first.

    I have John Deere now, too, a self-propelled, and I have to admit I love it. Luddite that I am, I resisted for years, but hey, this was a freebie, so I can love it guilt free.

  3. Love in the time of....coleus?