Thursday, October 15, 2009

Garden Wish Books

White Flower Farm catalog (the winter houseplant edition) arrived yesterday, and while I really don't much care for amaryllis and over-sized winter blooms, it's still fun to look at. and WFF is one of those rare breeds of flower catalogs that I save forever, since they not only tell you what they have, but throw in huge amounts of garden information along the way.

However, WFF and I have been having a running battle over what zone Im in. They live in what is, to me, a relatively warm climate in Connecticut, the lower end of zone 5. We live in what is designated on zone maps as the upper end of zone 5. Now the problem comes because we also live 1100 feet above sea level, and that flings us right into a pretty good imitation of zone 4.

I dutifully scratch out Zone 5 on the order blank, and write in 4. They cheerfully inform me that they have my order, and my plants will arrive in plenty of time to plant before the frosts set in. In Zone 5. I have planted bulbs in ground turning to permafrost, shrubs that had to sit in my front hall growing and sulking in early November because there is six inches of snow out there...they apologize, and send me new fall plants the next year as replacements. For zone 5.

The day before the first blizzard of the year.

Now I buy locally.


  1. Speaking of white...

    1st snow yet? Ground white til 10 AM on 10/6 here. Ick. Things to come.

  2. i think the things to come have already been there, Ron. Ours are still shaped like rain, for which I am eteranlly grateful, since there is a row and 1/2 of wood yet to be put in. Not critical, but i do like to stuff that shed full if I can. Last year our first snow was on November 10, and there was no meltoff until March. Hopefully, that was an aberration.

    And you have my deepest sympathy. Snow, like Christmas, is for kids. May they revel in it.