Saturday, October 3, 2009

Entirely too many mountains

Friday we took off again, heading north to the Kankamaugus (the "u" is pronounced "n" for some reason) Highway. My mother-in-law has wanted to see it again, after a very long time, so we made the trip hers. We stopped at a place called Sabbaday Falls, which is far more interesting than we thought it might be, and hiked up in. Not a hike-hike with rock steps and such, but a nicely graded trail. On the marker it says 0.3 miles. Someone musta been using a straight edge on that map, it felt a lot more like .5 in both directions. But even at nearly 89 she did the whole walk, never wavered once.
We also explored a place imaginitively named "Rocky Gorge" which is coincidentally just across the highway from "Big Rock". We decided that must have been overload for whoever was naming stuff that week, or all the really cool unpronounceable Indian names had been used up.

By noon I was ready to head back home, my mother-in-law said she'd had all she'd come for and we both voted down a proposal to "see the notches" which would have added at least another hour to an already long ride back. Next time, dear, we can see the Notches.
this image is Lake Chocura, the side without the mountain in it. What I call 'jigsaw' photos, the kind with entirely too much sky, water, and trees...

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