Tuesday, September 8, 2009


the fields were mowed last week, and the skunks have begun to spread out their pit digging further and further across the now accessible ground. It does indeed look as if someone flew overhead and dropped large invisible marbles onto the bare ground, leaving little pits everywhere; there isn't enough milky spore out there (that I would be willing to apply) to cover 6 acres of field in a futile effort to eradicate japanese beetle grubs. However, I am beginning to think there are enough skunks, moles, and birds that will do it quite nicely. Go, skunks.


  1. I suppose skunks have some sort of useful purpose in this world. However the ones that lived under my wood shop didn't fit into the category of useful...just stinky. Skunks are very combative among themselves. They fight all night and stink for days. I witnessed three of them fighting on my back porch. They fought to the death killing one of them and completely pulling out his entrails in the process. We had to live with the stink for days. I will take the moles and Japanese beetles over the skunks.

  2. well as long as they keep their battles out there in the field, Im cool with that. I really don't know how many there are, I suspect more than one family, but they surely are doing a number on the grubs. The moles get the deep down ones, the birds and skunks get the surface ones, and I don't have to pay for Milky Spore.

    You're right, though, they're territorial, but unless they're disturbed I think they're pretty peaceable. I suspect what you ran into was two males fighting over a female or a territory (which usually amounts to the same thing). Ive seen hummingbirds take it to the ground, and bluebirds wrestle each other in mid air over territory, I guess you just keep out of their way and hope to not trip over a skunk in the dark. Luckily they seem to coexist with cats fairly well...