Thursday, September 24, 2009

Isabel. Finally.


  1. I happen to like black cats. I feed 4 cats out on the farm and the friendliest of the four are 2 black ones. When I drive up in the driveway they always come running to meet me. I thought maybe you had passed on, nothing here for 4 days. I guess you must be dont speak til the spirit moves you...maybe some spirit, maybe the spirits.

  2. I like most colors of most cats--this is the second black one i've had. She's a bit too tightly wrapped, most days, and tends to panic over dangerous things like cameras and cat carriers.
    Hard cat to photograph, partly because of her distrust of cameras, and partly because she has a sheen to her coat that reflects back when she's in direct light.

    It's a pretty quiet life here, not a lot happens. There have been times when weeks go by with nothing to write about. How many times can you write, "snowed today. shoveled the roof"...

  3. Soooooo.......
    It's a cat, right?