Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food Heaven

it was wonderful. My volunteer tomato plant is loaded, and finally put out one large enough and red enough to bring in and eat.

Wednesday my mother-in-law called and said, this year for your birthday why don't I get the whole meal at KFC and bring it over, and we can have a picnic? I've never had KFC in any form, and always had the feeling it would be right up there with the old Swanson Mystery Chicken TV Dinners from the early 50s, but oh boy was I wrong. Yesterday she brought chicken, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, and we just plowed our way through the whole thing.

The picnic had to be moved indoors because 58 deg. is really too cold for picnics, but the kitchen table worked just fine...


  1. I supplied millions of chickens to KFC over my life time, but I have kinda lost my taste for chicken over the last few years, and no its not due to my raising chickens so long. I don't eat near the meat(any meat)that I did a few years ago. I'm not a vegetarian, I ate steak for lunch yesterday. I'm more of a pasta freak these days.
    I'm glad you are beginning to get a few tomatoes now. I think mine are pretty well finished. I may pull the vines this week.

  2. We have been inundated with something in New England called 'late blight' which can decimate an entire field of tomatoes in just a few days. I've been lucky so far, partly because Im isolated from my neighbors, and partly because this one plant was a volunteer. But I notice signs of a slower moving blight that could be a milder version, taking over the plant, from the bottom up. many of the tomatoes are still sound, but sometimes on the same stalk there will be one or two that have overnight given in to rot.

    I brought a few stems of green ones inside, maybe I will be able to salvage one or two small tomatoes from that but I dont hold out much hope.

  3. My tomatoes died slowly from the ground up all summer. The tops are still alive and have never really quit growing, but they look bad. I noticed that the one plant that I let sprawl didn't die like that, but I got few tomatoes off that vine. Overall I have had all the tomatoes that I want this year, and I probably have a dozen lying on the counter top right now.
    Last year I gathered a lot of tomatoes before frost and brought them inside to ripen, not going to happen this year.

  4. By the way, I was Anonymous in the last post, its easier than having to log on to google each time. Harvey

  5. it sounded like you, Harvey. I thought at first what I had was yellow wilt, which does just what you describe, very slowly. Im still in hopes that's what it is, but I suspect not.

    I had two container plants last year, both better boy, as I recall, and they had to be pulled up by mid summer as they were all washed out and barely producing. Never had good luck with containers for tomatoes, anyway.