Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eye Talk

Had an appointment with a retinologist today, to see about possible surgery for this detached retina. I didn't expect much to happen, and by golly it didnt. Basically, the way surgery would have gone, would have involved two hours of actual repair, followed by two weeks of recovery, during which I would be unable to read, computers would have to be limited, and as the nurse said, you could just veg out on the couch for the whole time.

She also said that the surgery would be mostly to keep the eye from getting worse. No improvement in vision.

My biggest thought through all of this was, which two weeks would I be willing/able to give up, realizing this was not as big a deal to them as it was to me. Right now we are putting wood in the shed. That will take maybe another month. I still have the garden to dismantle. By the time the wood is in the shed I will have to clean two chimneys, and then we'll be burning wood on a regular basis, lotta lugging and clanking, there. By my reckoning, maybe I could fit this all in by July of 2115...

The doctor said, actually, unless you insist on it, there really isnt much point to the surgery at all, not after all this time. I agreed.


  1. Under the circumstances, I think I would have declined the surgery too. You still have one good eye, and there is a lot of people who would be happy with that much. You can still drive, play at the computer and look at the cats.

  2. true. and I have gotten used to it. as long as I can function at my normal level Im fine. And two weeks confined with nothing to do would have been ghastly.

    the hardest part is threading a needle (try it some time with one eye shut) or walking downhill over uneven terrain. You are a three dimensional being in a suddenly two dimensional world, and that ground comes up awful fast sometimes...

  3. I'll just take it as a permanent wink.