Sunday, September 20, 2009

Alternative to Google Search

it's clean looking, no nine gazillion google ads, your preferences are duly noted, and it seems to work as well as Google. It also lists your most recent seach history right on the side of the box, which my or may not be optional, but it's nice if you have a particular place you want to revisit but forgot to save the URL...

Google has now reached the stage where it's too big, too comprehensive, and too willing to second guess what you REALLY mean. It reminds me of someone who is always finishing your sentences for you. *g*


  1. I think I will stay with Google. Microsoft has tried a search engine or two before and not been all that successful. The entrenpreneurs That started Google have been very successful, much like the guy that started Bing, Bill Gates. Microsoft will have the ads in a short time too, as soon they get advertisers signed up. That is what this is all Microsoft wants some of that money that Google is getting to flow their way. They may be successful, and again maybe not. I can remember the search engines that were with us when we first started poking around the internet.. Excite, Lycos, altavista, infoseek, If you go to those search engines today you will find they are powered by someone other than themselves. Search engines come and go.

  2. well I have no particular loyalty to any of them, and Bing has a nice interface, right now far less pushy than Google, although their videos leave a LOT to be desired--and that is where the ads are. Before you get to watch a video you're treated to a short commercial. Every time.

    So I think it's a case of taking the best of each, rather than sticking to just one, at least for me.

    I remember alta vista, lycos, Excite.