Thursday, August 20, 2009

tomato tomato

I wasnt planning on planting tomatoes for two reasons this year--one, we had such a glut of them last year I figured it would take two winters to finish them up--and two, Im not supposed to be eating the things raw, anyway.

And yet the plant out there right now, a volunteer, doesnt know all that. It's like a cat we had once who didnt know he was a stray, and moved in one night just like he lived here. The plant is now five feet high and taking over the space alloted, plus a few feet more in all directions. It has at least a dozen fair sized green tomatoes, and if the frost holds off another month, I just might get a few fresh ones. (don't tell anyone)

I bought four bell pepper plants last spring. They are all doing remarkably well, except for one which didnt want to be a green pepper, and has decided to be a banana pepper instead. Hey, im flexible.

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