Monday, August 31, 2009

Today I wrote a letter

no, i mean a real letter to a friend, on paper, words on de page, the entire thing. She sent one to me last week, because she was having trouble making her computer do what she wanted it to,
and figured it was time she remembered how to do this thing.

she bought paper, an ink pen, and a stamp. The least i could do was send her one back. I had the pen, but had to scramble for paper, and luckily had a few stamps on hand. It was interesting, seeing as how it's been nearly ten years since I sat down and actually wrote a real letter--date, salutation, the whole bit.

I was a bit nervous, not sure if i could actually form complete sentences and write at the same time (you laugh, ha ha, try it, it's not as easy as it once was), and make the lines even. It was like being nine years old again, writing to my best friend.

I am ridiculously proud of re-finding a skill I thought had been lost to the computer...


  1. First of all I would probably have to use printer paper to write on, since I dont have any (what did we used to call it) I think it was stationary. Since stamps seem to go up weekly, I would probably need to go buy a stamp.
    However, if someone wanted to read that letter ten years from now they would still have something to read. I don't save my emails very well and the ones I do save are just sitting there waiting for the next hard drive crash. My mother still has letters from my grandparents that we received when I was a kid, and many she received before I was born. My emails wont make it that long.

  2. The only 'old' mail I have is something my grandmother wrote to me when I was about seven. she was barely literate, but I treasure the letter, it's all I have of her--any other letters I had or that my mother had were all destroyed, and I do wish mother had saved the letters she and my dad wrote to each other before they were married. I found them once in the attic, and never felt right about reading them, but the next time I went to look they had been removed.


    In a way it's kind of sad, isnt it, that there is so little of our past out there. As historical entities we are truly failures, harvey. *g*