Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pet peeves for august

people who take photographs of flowers, birds, insects, etc, and post them in a huge collection, hundreds and hundreds, carefully labeled sometimes as to where and when, but not a single
identifying clue as to what those birds, fish, insects, ARE. no names.

I found an image in one of those groupings that was a mate to an insect I had taken a shot of, here in the yard. Utterly useless, except to tell me that I don't have a rarely seen bug. I was so annoyed by this, I actually wrote to the guy and suggested maybe a bit of research would be nice--if you're going to bother to take the picture, you should take that extra step and find out what it is. He said he knew a lot of them, but never got around to putting up the actual names.

Yep, that's useful.

The other peeve I have about photos is lifting stuff from the net with no acknowledgement or identifying clues, just because you 'like the photo'. At least identify what it is, or who it is, when you post it, if it's got markers.


  1. I hate it when my photo shows up on foreign currency. Also, once I saw my image, briefly, on the side of an alien vessel. The *underside* of an alien vessal, at that. I hate it when that happens.

    Another pet peeve of mine is when Little Debbie calls out to me in the snacks aisle. That bitch.

  2. Senor Dorito--all he has to do is clear his throat two aisles over and I am his, his...

  3. uuummm, seems like I remember seeing a hawk on this blog, without a name.. just hawk. But it was a very nice picture of a hawk.

  4. if you scroll down the blog archive on the right, click on July, and about half way down you'll find the Cog Railway pictures. it's the last one in the sequence. and if you click on it, it enlarges nicely.

  5. and the hawk has no name because i would rather not name it incorrectly than name it at all. I also stated that I didnt know. so there.